Mostly Uninvited 452



This woman paints stuff on her hand. Taken from Time Out (2326), April 28-May 4, 2015. Picked up on the train home from work. Photographer unknown (to me).

If You Are New Here: This project involves me sewing faces, from the obscene amount of junk mail that finds its way into my house, onto a big woollen blanket. ‘Uninvited’ was the working title, until I changed it to ‘Mostly Uninvited’. Unless I tell you otherwise, take it that the junk mail was pushed through my letterbox. Or else it was inside of a newspaper. I will always credit photographers, designers and the faces, whenever possible. All of my work is numbered, this is 632. If you search this number in ‘Categories’, you can find out about the other faces.


3 thoughts on “Mostly Uninvited 452

  1. Well, the fate of the world did depend on it, but if we were not interested…I guess that’s that, then! Her desperate effort to communicate to the uncaring world. This gets sadder and sadder. Doesn’t it?

    I am maybe getting into making stories up for these people a little too much…

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