Mostly Uninvited 612


Ray Winstone, who does not do posh-bashing. Taken from Time Out (No.2320, March 17-23, 2015), found on a train. Photographer: Rob Greig.


2 thoughts on “Mostly Uninvited 612

    • There is a lot in the news over here at the moment about government cuts in the arts, and how this will impact on children from poorer families, who won’t be able to afford to go into this field, because you pretty much have to do it for nothing to start with, so you need to have a family who can support you financially etc.. There is a bit of a worry that in a few years time all of our artists/ journalists/actors etc.. will have been privately educated therefore maybe giving a biased point of view. Some of the older generation of working-actors have been speaking out against this (posh-bashing). I don’t know if you know Ray Winstone over there, but he is a very famous actor here. He is from a working-class background and usually plays cockney gangsters.

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