8. Lucy And Nev’s Wedding – 747


Card seven of Lucy and Nev’s wedding invitations. You can find out more about this commission, here. Meanwhile, I am not going to prattle on, but record the materials used. This post is mainly for the benefit of Mr and Mrs Timmens, of Darlo (or, Darlington, if you live outside the North-East of England), who received this invitation. The rest of you are going to find these wedding posts a bit repetitive.

As with the rest of the cards, I used old leaflets and memorabilia collected by the couple. Most exciting (and scary), though, was using Lucy’s grandparents’ old anniversary cards.





Cavallini & Co.

Cavallini & Co.


6 thoughts on “8. Lucy And Nev’s Wedding – 747

      • Thank you. I am enjoying it that each one is getting a moment of attention, and I like seeing them again, one after another like this. By the way, my daughter-in-law loved your card – the techniques you used and the happiness of the image – a happy home. Thanks for your happy outlook that created it. And I hope your Christmas turned out well and happy, too.

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