“Indistinctness is my forté”.

This is the eighteenth square of my London Faces Patchwork. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements of the city in which I live. There are twenty-five squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, artist and barber’s son.

Born in Covent Garden in 1775, died at 119 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, in 1851.

My 11th square, Mick Jagger, lived on the same street (No. 48), with Marianne Faithful. Katherine Hilbery, created by Virginia Woolf (my 15th square) in her second novel, also lived on Cheyne Walk.

The square is cut from a booklet given to me when I visited Tate Britain to see Late Turner: Painting Set Free, September 2014/January 2015. Turner On Varnishing Day, 1846 by William Parrott. Museums Sheffield.


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