People Saying Goodbye To A Tram, 1952


“Goodbye, old tram”

In 1952, Londoners said ‘Goodbye’ to the last tram.

About ten years ago, on a visit to the Transport Museum with the house-elves, I saw a short film called The Elephant Will Never Forget. I cried. That end bit gets me every time. Don’t know why, it was a good thing that the trams were replaced, the drivers finally got to sit down whilst driving. Maybe, I cry because it’s the Lewisham Darby and Joan club singing.

As it turns out, my square is a still from the film.

The film is close to my heart. I have lived in South London for thirty years, and the 36, which is featured, is my route.

This is the final square of my London Faces Patchwork. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements of the city in which I live. There are twenty-five squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

The square was taken from ‘The London Bus And Tube Book’ by Nicola Baxter. Design Consultant, Jeremy Rewse-Davies. Editorial Assistant, Sharon Appleton. The photographer is uncredited in the book (but it didn’t take much research to find out it was Bob Paynter). Published by Hodder and Stoughton, 1994.

Bought by Bromley Libraries in 1994, and sold to me, in a rather knackered state, in 2010.



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