London Pairs Patchwork


If you are a regular visitor, you will know that I have made handsewn artwork from things found in the bins of various cities I have visited.

At some point last year, it occurred to me that I have not made a patchwork of my own city. No idea why, as I have a mountain of discarded material perfect for the job. So, this is my second London Patchwork, it is slightly smaller than the first.

This time the squares are pairs of people, or in some cases, trios.

Now I need to find my notes, sort out my photographs, and research the faces. The following posts will be the gathering of this information. Sometimes, this can take as long as making the actual artwork, but I feel compelled to do it. Whenever possible, I always credit the photographer and designers whose work I use.

Once I have posted about each individual square, I will tag the credits to the end of this post*.

My aim is to write about one square each weekday evening.

Some of the squares have been cut from old library books. Retired, after years of loyal service, and in rather a sorry state. I never cut up books which could otherwise be read.

It is not a print. It is a one-off.

All of my work is individually numbered. This piece is 795. It can be found in my shop.

*1. Celia Johnson     2. Piccadilly Circus     3. Virginia Woolf      4. Trevor Howard

5. Audrey Hepburn and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.    6.Roger Fenton    7. La Dolce Vita

8. Polly and Dolly    9. Mick and Ronnie    10. Common Blue    11. Paddington Station, 1937

12. The Blitz    13. Tove Jansson    14. Mr. and Mrs. Clark, and Blanche    15. Le Corsaire

16. James Stewart and Kim Novak


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