Celia Johnson


Celia Johnson (born in Richmond, 1908) as Laura Jesson in the film Brief Encounter, 1945. Based on a play by Noel Coward (1936) and directed by David Lean. Cinematographer, Robert Krasker.

Synopsis: Suburban housewife, Laura, meets Doctor Alec whilst on a shopping trip. A romance begins. And ends. Rachmaninoff plays. There is a great railway cafe, which is actually a studio. Noel Coward makes the station announcements.

Celia Johnson went to school in Hammersmith and, in 1926, attended RADA. Iain Fleming was her brother-in-law.

You can see the whole piece here.

The square was cut from ‘London Philharmonic Orchestra 2015/16 Concert Season’. Southbank Centre.



4 thoughts on “Celia Johnson

  1. I saw this movie. Sad, I thought, though I have to say I viewed the characters in some puzzlement because the whole way they went about things would never occur to me. But, this is not a movie review. I too think we would live differently in a warmer climate. But not necessarily better? Well, I’ve covered film and philosophy this morning and that is enough. Thanks for the thoughts you elicited !

    • Yes, it is a sad film, but there is something unreal about it. I was upset when I found out that railway cafe was a set. It looks lovely. I would love to sit in there and wait for my train

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