Trevor Howard


Trevor Howard as Alec Harvey, in the film Brief Encounter, 1945. Based on a play by Noel Coward (1936) and directed by David Lean. Cinematographer, Robert Krasker.

Synopsis: Suburban housewife, Laura, meets Doctor Alec whilst on a shopping trip. A romance begins. And ends. Rachmaninoff plays. I am introduced to Rachmaninoff. There is a great railway cafe, which is actually a studio. Noel Coward makes the station announcements.

Trevor Howard was born in Kent in 1913, and studied at RADA.

He declined a CBE in 1982.

Up until this moment I had believed that he was related to Lesley Howard.

Celia Johnson, who plays Laura, is the first square of my patchwork.

The square was cut from ‘London Philharmonic Orchestra 2015/16 Concert Season’. Southbank Centre.

You can see the whole piece here.




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