13. London Pairs Patchwork -The Moomins


“I lived on this great big housing estate in suburban Liverpool, from a working class background, and somehow this bohemian, upper middle-class, Finnish lesbian eccentric felt like she was speaking directly to me.” Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Tove Jansson, writer, artist, creator of the Moomins (in picture above) was born in Helsinki in 1914. She was great. Just great.

This is the thirteenth square of my London Pairs Patchwork. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements (mostly) of the city in which I live. There are sixteen squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

All of my work is numbered. This piece is 795.

The square was cut from a BFI leaflet.

The patchwork is now in my shop.


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