Mr and Mrs Clark and Blanche


The square shows a section of a David Hockney painting, Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, 1971. I cut it from Tate Guide (Feb/March 2015).

Mr Clark is the fashion designer Ossie Clark and Mrs Clark is the textile designer Celia Birtwell. They are in the bedroom of their Notting Hill flat with their cat, Percy*.

When Celia and Ossie were married in 1969, Hockney was their Best Man.

* I have just heard from my friend, John Loader, via Woman’s Hour (he thinks), that this cat is in fact not Percy but Blanche. Blanche did not sound good in the title. They did have a cat named Percy, but this is not he. Thanks, John.

The whole piece is here.


3 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Clark and Blanche

  1. I took a torn and faded book out of a bin at school yesterday, to give to you. Not much of a birthday present, I know but I couldn’t leave it there when I know you’ll breathe life into it.

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