Fernanda Oliveira and Alejandro Virelles


The square is a scene from Le Corsaire, and was cut from a leaflet for the English National Ballet. The dancers are Fernanda Oliveira and Alejandro Virelles, and the photograph was taken by Perry Curties.

Conrad, the dashing pirate, braves the high seas to rescue Medora, the beautiful harem girl who has been sold as a slave.

Based on The Corsair by Byron, which sold ten thousand copies on its first day, 1814.



4 thoughts on “Fernanda Oliveira and Alejandro Virelles

  1. I like Conrad and Medora and their story. Bet it would be fun to see this ballet.

    10,000 copies on the first day. Wow.

    I have learned 2 things today that are interesting due to you! Thank you!

      • I’ve been a handful of times. I remember the first time, 30+ years ago, when a customer of mine at the bank I worked at gave me tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet doing a show at an outdoor stage. I was thrilled because previously I’d only been to this place as a free lawn-sitter for concerts and could barely see anything. I took my roommate and we had GREAT seats in about the third row. You could see every sparkle on the costumes. Just magic.

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