“They’ll always remember me in “Vertigo”, and I’m not that good in it, but I don’t blame me because there are a couple of scenes where I was wonderful”. Kim Novak.

This square shows Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in a scene from Vertigo. Cinematography by Robert Burks.

Having spent the last couple of hours reading about Kim Novak, I now feel sad. About Hollywood. And women. And Women in Hollywood.

You can see it here.

The square was cut from a BFI leaflet.



11 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Vertigo is my second favourite movie (Jaws being my top movie) and I have watched it scores of time. It never gets old. I have also been to several of the movie locations. I am a bit of a Hitchcock nerd.

      • Yes. I made my husband drive way off our course so that I could visit Mission San Juan Bautista. I also went to the spot beneath the Golden Gate Bridge where Kim Novak slips into the water and Muir Woods, where the redwood scene was filmed. We did a lot of Hitchcock sightseeing on that trip. I also went to Bodega Bay and ran around as if being attacked by birds and we spent the night in Santa Rosa where ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ was set. I am a Hitchcock nerd.

      • I am very impressed. Would especially like to go to the Birds one. I saw the outfit worn by Tippi at the V&A, that’s the best I can do :)))

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