16. London Pairs Patchwork – Vertigo


“They’ll always remember me in “Vertigo”, and I’m not that good in it, but I don’t blame me because there are a couple of scenes where I was wonderful”. Kim Novak.

This square shows Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in a scene from Vertigo. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, who was the subject of a previous square. Cinematography by Robert Burks. One of Mr S’s favourite films (Goodfellas, being his favourite).

Having spent the last couple of hours reading about Kim Novak, I now feel sad. About Hollywood. And women. And Women in Hollywood. Seems she had the right idea in getting the hell outa Dodge.

This is the final square of my London Pairs Patchwork. It is a patchwork of papers gleaned from the pavements (mostly) of the city in which I live. There are sixteen squares making up the whole piece. You can see it here.

The square was cut from a BFI leaflet.

All of my work is numbered. This piece is 795.

The patchwork is now in my shop.


11 thoughts on “16. London Pairs Patchwork – Vertigo

  1. Vertigo is my second favourite movie (Jaws being my top movie) and I have watched it scores of time. It never gets old. I have also been to several of the movie locations. I am a bit of a Hitchcock nerd.

      • Yes. I made my husband drive way off our course so that I could visit Mission San Juan Bautista. I also went to the spot beneath the Golden Gate Bridge where Kim Novak slips into the water and Muir Woods, where the redwood scene was filmed. We did a lot of Hitchcock sightseeing on that trip. I also went to Bodega Bay and ran around as if being attacked by birds and we spent the night in Santa Rosa where ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ was set. I am a Hitchcock nerd.

      • I am very impressed. Would especially like to go to the Birds one. I saw the outfit worn by Tippi at the V&A, that’s the best I can do :)))

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