Men’s Stuff Patchwork


Made from knackered old books, magazines, postcards and junk mail.

Square 1: Caravans, Square 2: City Gent, Square 3: Silverstone, Square 4: Firefighter, Square 5: Virile John Wayne, Square 6: Astronaut, Square 7: Baldness, Square 8: Fry-Up, Square 9: A Pint, Square 10: Cricket, Square 11: Building Stuff, Square 12: Manly Watches, Square 13: DIY, Square 14: Boats, Square 15: The Tie, Square 16: Pretty Frocks.

30 thoughts on “Men’s Stuff Patchwork

    • I am so sorry, I am worried about posting expensive stuff to the US, and I am guessing that guaranteed delivery would be very expensive, as it costs quite a lot just within the UK. My main worry is that everything is a one-off and couldn’t be replaced if lost. Also, I have heard that you would have to pay tax, too. I will look into this. I post the much cheaper cards to the US, don’t know if they are of interest.

      • Where do you post them, on Etsy? And I don’t blame you for worrying about things lost in the mail. The U.S. Postal Service is not what it once was.

      • Royal Mail either, always hearing of horror stories. I would of course replace anything lost, and then some, but it would never be what the customer actually wanted to buy. No, I am not on Etsy, although I have been advised to look into it, I am with Folksy.

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