“This is a book for every boy – and many fathers too!”

The book in question is, The Story Of The Motor Car by David Carey. Illustrated by the wonderful Robert Ayton (1915 – 1985), and published by Ladybird in 1962.

Robert Ayton started working for Ladybird in 1960, and illustrated fifty titles in total. We had a number of his books in our house when I was a child, my favourite being Tricks and Magic.

According to his nephew, Rupert (who features in some of his illustrations), his ashes were spread over a rose bed, next to a park bench with a fabulous view.

You can see the whole piece here.

The illustration is titled, Massed Start At Silverstone.

When I searched the internet for information on women in this field, I mostly found lists of ‘hot lady racing drivers’. Too upset to continue my search.

The book was given to me by a school librarian. She would prefer to remain anonymous.

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10 thoughts on “Silverstone

  1. I have been thinking about how times have changed (talking to my son about working in a bank in the 1980’s is what did it) and this fit right in. I remember being indignant when I read books that targeted one sex or the other like this one does. Not that I was interested in racing cars, but I didn’t like to feel I was shut out.

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