A Fry-Up


“The first thing I noticed was that, apart from the class leader, Paul (short, cheery and with a weight problem not totally in the past), I was the only man in a room of about 30 women”. Christopher Middleton, talking about a Weightwatchers’ meeting.

This square was cut from WeightWatchers – A Way Of Life by Bernice Weston. Published by Hamlyn in 1975, making this little square 41 years old. The photograph is by John Lee, who I have been trying to contact (without success) for about three weeks.

You can see the whole piece here.



9 thoughts on “A Fry-Up

  1. The sole man in a roomful of women can be applied to gym classes I go to, too…I find it amusing. Men don’t like to expose their weaknesses while women seek strength in numbers, I think.

    Love this breakfast and I’d like some right now!

  2. Considering I’ve spent most of my working life being the only women in a room full of men, I’d like to suggest that the women might have been a bit more open and friendly than the welcome I’m used to.

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