Messing About In Boats


Torquay Harbour, The Slipway, V8041. Published by D. Constance Limited, Sussex. Photo by John T. Pullen.

The postcard reads, “A small break from work in the West Country”. I can’t make out the signature.

I hadn’t noticed at the time of cutting and sewing, but this postcard (posted on 4th June, 1968) was posted the day after the postcard I used for the first square of this patchwork. This one was posted from Paignton, the previous from Caernafon, 48 years ago, a day apart.

I also didn’t notice that they were posted to the same address; Ward 5, The Manor Hospital, Derby. This one to Mrs Smith (of London Road), the previous to Mr P J Wilkes.

Both were in the same ward, and must’ve received their cards around the same time. I wonder if they had a conversation about the postcards.

I am thinking that these cards did not go home with Mrs Smith and Mr Wilkes, for whatever reason.

You can see the whole piece here.




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