2. Patchwork Dads – Richard Beckinsale


Richard Beckinsale, who died in 1979, aged 31.

Father of Samantha and Kate.

Beckinsale made his television debut in 1969, as PC Wilcox on Coronation Street. He arrested Ena Sharples.

This is the second square in my patchwork of dads. It is made from discarded books, magazines, postcards and junk mail. It is made from the actual papers, I have not printed or copied anything, making Richard’s little square 36 years old. There are sixteen squares in total. You can see the whole piece here.

The square was cut from Britain In The Seventies by Ronald Allison. Published by Book Club Associates, London, 1980. The book was dedicated to Sheila and Philippa, and was retired from a local library. Photographer unknown (to me).

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 798. It can be found in my shop.



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