3. Patchwork Dads – Emigrants


“I had no nationality for the first 18 years of my life. The Nazis… took away citizenship from all the Jews and Gypsies. I had to travel on a document that was a sheet of paper with “person of no nationality” written across the top. It had such a deep effect on me.” Ruth Barnett.

This is the third square in my patchwork of dads. It is made from discarded books, magazines, postcards and junk mail. It is made from the actual papers, I have not printed or copied anything. There are sixteen squares in total. You can see the whole piece here.

The patch was cut from a diary*, given to me by my friend, Aine. It is part of the painting, Emigrants by Raffaele Gambogi (1874 – 1943), and shows a father and child.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 798. It can be found in my shop.

*The Folio Society Diary 2014. Published in 2013 by The Folio Society, 44 Eagle Street, London WC1.



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