6. Patchwork Dads – On The Beach


“The great enlivening force of these August fortnights in a bungalow lent us by a family friend was my father. It was he who bought us water-pistols from the shop, laid on provisions for “jip nights” (a pagan custom from his own early life that involved staying up late and gorging yourself on cheap sweets), finessed excursions down the coast to the slot-machine palaces at Mundesley, or planked down hopeful half-crowns on Terry Wogan’s morning selection. And it was with him, aged perhaps seven or eight, one hot summer’s afternoon when the rest of the family were somewhere else, that I caught the fish.” DJ Taylor. Taken from an interview in The Independent.

The man in the square, as far as I know, is a fictitious father of three children, and husband of a fictitious wife. He was painted in 1937 by Alfred Lambart for Great Western Railway. See below for full poster. Taken from National Railway Museum Diary 2015. Published by Frances Lincoln Limited, 2014.

This is the sixth square in my patchwork of dads. It is made from discarded books, magazines, postcards and junk mail. It is made from the actual papers, I have not printed or copied anything. There are sixteen squares in total. You can see the whole piece here.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 798. It can be found in my shop.



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