Mostly Uninvited 732


Patsy Kensit in 1999. Her great-grandfather was a walking stick maker. Photo by Alpha Press Photo Agency and/or, difficult to tell.

The picture was taken from Evening Standard Magazine (29.5.15), found on a train.

Scroll down to see the whole thing so far.

If You Are New Here: This project (January 2015) started with me sewing junk-mail faces onto a big woollen blanket. It has since expanded to include images from magazines and leaflets, I find in bins and on public transport. ‘Uninvited’ was the working title, until I changed it to ‘Mostly Uninvited’. Unless I tell you otherwise, take it that the portrait was part of some junk mail, pushed through my letterbox. I will always credit photographers, illustrators, designers and the faces, whenever possible. All of my work is numbered, this is 632. If you search this number in ‘Categories’, you can find out about the other faces.



2 thoughts on “Mostly Uninvited 732

  1. I love the banality of that statement – “Her great-grandfather was a walking stick maker”. Probably one of the more interesting facts I’ve ever heard about her… not the type of thing the tabloids would ever print though 🙂

    • Yes, it was on that BBC programme where your look back at your family history. Who Do You Think You Are? or something like that. Anyway, she comes from a long line of gangsters. Like proper gangsters, in with the Krays and stuff. She was absolutely thrilled to discover her great-grandfather was a very honest walking stick maker. I just thought it was a lovely thing. So, pleased that you picked up on it 🙂

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