Herodias, Maybe…

A number of weeks ago, when I first cut the above square, I knew this woman was Herodias, mother of Salome. Now, I am not sure if I know that.

I love the way she sadly observes Picasso’s treatment of Esther Williams, whilst being given the eye by Marlene Dietrich, and an oblivious Judy Garland stares out into the youthful distance.

The first face on my Patchwork Of Mothers, has been taken from a picture of ‘Salome Receives The Head Of John The Baptist’, by Caravaggio (c1609-10).

Since Salome’s mother plays such a big part in the story, I have always assumed it was her in the painting, and I still think this, I just can’t find any proof. The only mention I can find is ‘the old woman’.

I mean, look at the way she is leaning over Salome’s shoulder (below). Surely her mother?

Also, whilst looking for clarification, I discovered that some experts doubt this is even the work of Caravaggio.

So, a good I-have-no-information start for my patchwork, the rest of which you can see below.

Anyway, I cut it from a National Gallery (What’s On, Autumn 2016) leaflet, left on a cafe table last year.


9 thoughts on “Herodias, Maybe…

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  2. I would like to think that Salome’s mother would be rather more horrified by her daughter’s depravity, Alison but, who knows?!

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