Death Is Always Hovering In The Distance

I have just posted this to a friend for her birthday.

I’m beginning to have second thoughts. Maybe I should hang around outside her house and intercept its delivery.

Howard Hodgkin, who died recently, said it during a BBC interview in 2012.

He loved mayonnaise.

14 thoughts on “Death Is Always Hovering In The Distance

  1. I caught his gaze in Oxford Modern Art a few years ago and we stood looking at each other for several seconds as we searched memory banks for a name and then went out ways. It was then I realised who he was. He was there setting up his exhibition which was marvellous.

    • Nice memory. I am looking forward to his NPG exhibition. He took mayo as his luxury item on Desert Island Discs. Think it was 1994. I often can’t remember who people are until they’ve left.

      • Yes, I loved the idea and images that it set up in my mind. I don’t say “hoovering”, I say “vacuuming”, so I am surprised I read it that way, but – I’m glad I did.

      • We never say vacuuming here, no matter how hard they try to stop us (like saying soccer instead of football – which no Brit would ever do, unless reading from a script). Mr. Hoover did an excellent branding job.

      • I was wondering where I picked up the hoovering word; might be my British mystery book fixation, but I think it is also used in the US, just not where I came from. Got to look that up. I should be saying it – in my adult life I have always used Hoovers except for one foray into Electrolux that didn’t last long. I proudly vacuum my floor with a Hoover, and I’ll be doing it later this afternoon and think of you!

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