Naomi James

Naomi James .

Pictured, here, arriving at Dartmouth in 1978, after sailing single-handed around the world in her yacht, Express Crusader.

The picture (Keystone) was cut from a retired library book, entitled ‘Britain In The Seventies’ by Ronald Allison. Book Club Associates, 1980.

According to this book, ‘Her husband was there to welcome her – and no doubt marvel at the way she managed to look as though she had just been to the beautician’s, not at sea for 272 days’.

You can see her doing it, here.

In 1983, her husband fell overboard, from the same boat, and drowned. Her daughter was born 10 days later.

James was born in New Zealand, did not learn to swim until the age of twenty-three, and was a hairdresser until she boarded a passenger boat for Europe.

You can see the whole piece, here

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