Fake News Is Killing Minds

If you are new to this project, you can find an explanation here.

11 squares are now sewn, 17 still to do.

I decided to sew the patches to an old sketchbook cover. It was a mistake, and I won’t be doing the second piece in this way. My tough-skinned finger has bled a few times. However, I am reasonably pleased with the result, so will continue.

You can read the news items relating to each February day at the end of this post.

7. Aldi overtakes Co-Op        8. Obama relaxes in the Caribbean

9. Whatever happened to the It Girl?    13.Facelifts losing their lustre

14. Dubai announces drone taxis      15. Tyrant Kim’s playboy brother murdered

16. George Cohen will donate brain     19. US patrols South China Sea

20. 100,000 people starving in South Sudan   21. New Zealand gnome thefts fund meth trade


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