John Lennon


John Lennon, father of Julian and Sean.

Yoko Ono once caught my eye and gave me a smile. Not a feeble half-hearted smile, like the ones people do because they think they should, but a massive full-bodied smile that filled her beautiful face and took effort. Our eyes were at exactly the same level. She was tiny and wore a big hat. I was on a tall stool, because my old boss used to allow sitting. I don’t sit much at work now. Apparently, gallery visitors don’t like to see me sitting. Yoko Ono didn’t seem to mind.

She was alone.

You can see the whole piece here.

The picture of John was cut from a National Portrait Gallery leaflet (What’s On: March-May, 2016).  The photograph was taken for British Vogue in 1964 by staff photographer, Peter Laurie. It was never published in the magazine, but remained, unseen, in the Condé Nast archives for years.



5 thoughts on “John Lennon

  1. I wouldn’t mind you sitting – perhaps not reclining on a bean bag drinking a martini, but stools are not so offensive, ask any milk maid.
    Maybe your boss needs to employ a management consultant company to conduct a ‘visitor experience posterior attitudinal’ analysis and survey. Just a suggestion.

    • I have visited many more exhibitions than my managers ever will. What I want from a ticket collector is courtesy and a return of the smile I always give. When I see a high stool provided, I see it as a reflection of a good manager who cares about his/her staff. Most of us wouldn’t actually use the stool much, but it’s nice to know it’s there if we need it.

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