Marble statue of a discus-thrower (Discobolus). One of several Roman copies of the Greek original bronze version by Myron, 5th century BC.

In 1938, Hitler, funded by the German government, bought one of said Roman copies. The Italian family who owned it had fallen upon hard times, and so offered him up for sale. He was earmarked for the Metropolitan Museum in New York, but it couldn’t afford him.

Discobolus became a Nazi poster boy, whether he liked it or not.

In 1948 he was returned to Italy, and can now be seen in the National Museum, Rome.

The square was cut from a British Museum leaflet (2015).

This is the first patch of my ‘London Exhibition Patchwork’. It is a patchwork made from leaflets of exhibitions I have visited in London. There are sixteen squares in total.

You can see the whole piece here .


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