London Exhibition Patchwork

Another patchwork to add to my collection (London Faces, Dads, London Couples, Mothers, Men’s Stuff and Barcelona), as usual, handsewn from things found in the bins (and pavements) of London.

On this piece, the squares are cut from leaflets for exhibitions I have visited. It is not a print. It is a one-off. I actually made it last year, but never got around to documenting its provenance.

I’m going to do that now. The following posts will be the gathering of this information. Sometimes, this can take as long as making the actual artwork (the previous patchwork took a year to record), but I feel compelled to do it. Whenever possible, I always credit the photographers and designers whose work I use.

You can also follow my progress on Instagram.

Once I have posted about each individual square, I will add a link below.

It’s in my Folksy shop.

8 thoughts on “London Exhibition Patchwork

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