Eric Huntley

Eric Huntley at the Walter Rodney bookshop, photo by Syd Jeffers.

Eric and his wife Jessica (the caption doesn’t say so, but I’m thinking that might be her, standing behind him) were radical book publishers and political activists.

They established Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications (named after Caribbean resistance heroes) in 1968, to promote radical Black writing.

In 1974, they opened a bookshop in West Ealing, London, later to become the Walter Rodney Bookshop. It quickly established itself as a drop-in advice centre, with book launches, school workshops and poetry readings.

The square is cut from a leaflet for a free Guildhall exhibition (2015) entitled ‘No Colour Bar’. The highlight of which, for me, was a recreation of the bookshop.

Sadly, I was unable to gather any information about Syd Jeffers, the photographer.

You can see the whole piece here .


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