I’ve done a YouTube video, it’s not very good…


Me to the HouseElves, “Is it free to do YouTube?”

HouseElves to each other, “Oh God!”

Yep, this is my fifth attempt. The others wouldn’t upload. Apparently, I need a more streamable file format. If I knew what that meant I would do it, obviously. Also, the video is phone shaped. And tiny. Two black stripes down the side. Big ones. The black stripes are bigger than the video. Don’t expect much. It lasts ten minutes. Room for improvement…

6 thoughts on “I’ve done a YouTube video, it’s not very good…

  1. Finally I got to watching it and I really enjoyed it. First, what a treat to actually hear your voice rather than reading your words. I thought: there you are! I hear you! And I liked learning what each square was about and how they fit together. I hope you do more videos, and you have encouraged me to think about trying it, with your example. Thank you !

    • Oh I really hope you do, Claudia, I would love to watch. I haven’t done any more since this one, but I’m sure I will. Thank you for taking the time to watch.

      • I am wondering if you rehearsed beforehand or just spoke. I’ve taught a lot of classes and so the idea of speaking does not bother me (as long as I am sure of my subject and well-prepared) but I have not done it to be recorded (just stage work, right?! perform in front of a captive audience of students!)

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