Towers 5


Most of the proceeds of this original artwork will go directly to the Khadija Saye Memorial Fund. Khadija tragically lost her life in the Grenfell Tower fire. The fund will help young artists whose background and circumstances might not grant them access to such support.

As the fire was burning, and we all watched helplessly, I spoke to my dad, a pitman. He told me nothing had changed, and that we were still waiting at the pit head for our dead.

It is made using this front page of the Evening Standard newspaper, which I found on a train the day after the Grenfell Tower fire.

The red thread once belonged to my nana, who would not have approved of my knots.

The newspaper strips are hand-stitched to this shirt, and then hand-stitched to this paper. The ‘towers’ has been sewn using Trudi’s mother’s gorgeous white thread.

All of my artwork is individually numbered, this piece is 847.

It is unique and can be found in my new shop.

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