MES And Bella

Mark E. Smith and Bella Emberg, both of whom died in January this year.

Hand-stitched collage made from found newspapers.

The photograph of MES, taken by Kevin Cummins in Salford (2011), was cut from the Guardian (25.1.18). He is wearing a Myanmar Border Guard’s hat, cut from the same newspaper (photograph by Lynn Bo Bo), which has been bejazzled with the rare sapphire from Eugenie’s engagement ring (Metro 23.1.18, photographer uncredited).

The background is a print of a watercolour sketch of Zurich by Turner (Tate). Ruskin said it wasn’t very good.

I used my nana’s thread, as usual.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 861. It is a one-off, never to be reproduced.

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