David Bailey Takes The Biscuit

Hand-stitched collage, made from discarded papers and my nana’s thread.

12.5 x 20cms.

All of my work is numbered, this piece is 853.

It is a one-off. Never to be reproduced in print form due to copyright.

Not to be reproduced online without giving credit to the people below.

David Bailey was cut from a photograph (Associated Newspapers/ Rex Features) entitled ‘Queen Elizabeth II meets David Bailey at the British Clothing Industry Reception At Buckingham Palace, 2010’. No doubt he is giving her some grief.

The picture was taken from a book (David Bailey Exposed, 2013) in the shop bin at work, I think it had been misprinted in some way.

The biscuit is a lip balm thingy. I cut it from ES Magazine (25.8.17). The photograph is by William Bunce.

I hand-stitched Bailey, and his biscuit, to this flimsy-as-hell paper.

© Alison Sye, 2018. All images of my work are my copyright, and as such will never be reproduced in hard-print format, or in digital format without permission. Credit must always be given to myself and the photographers involved.

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