Sheltered, Section 1

Section 1 of Sheltered.

Hand-stitched collage, made from discarded newspapers and these, cut-in-half. Oh, and Nana’s thread, as always.

It will declare itself finished when I run out of napkins.

Click on each ‘shelter’ for credits: Regent’s Canal, South Kensington, Perris, Hualien, North Kensington, and, Bayeux Tapestry

I’m not to keen on that red number in the corner. I may unpick it. Also, I haven’t signed it. Undecided whether to sign each section, or just the final one.

© Alison Sye, 2018. All images of my work are my copyright, and as such will never be reproduced in hard-print format (it goes completely against the grain of my work, I don’t add new stuff to the world, but use what is already here), or in digital format without permission. Credit must always be given to myself and the photographers involved.

17 thoughts on “Sheltered, Section 1

  1. I love the angles and leanings. I think the number is confusing because I don’t know what it means (I mean I know what it means but I might not if I looked at this one piece only, because it stands on its own so strongly). I’m getting tangled. Trying to say I like what you are doing with these.

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