Sheltered (Section 1)

Section 1 of Sheltered.

Hand-stitched collage, made from discarded newspapers and these, cut-in-half. Oh, and Nana’s thread, as always.

It will declare itself finished when I run out of napkins.

Click on each ‘shelter’ for credits: Regent’s Canal, South Kensington, Perris, Hualien, North Kensington, and, Bayeux Tapestry

I’m not to keen on that red number in the corner. I may unpick it. Also, I haven’t signed it. Undecided whether to sign each section, or just the final one.

16 thoughts on “Sheltered (Section 1)

  1. I love the angles and leanings. I think the number is confusing because I don’t know what it means (I mean I know what it means but I might not if I looked at this one piece only, because it stands on its own so strongly). I’m getting tangled. Trying to say I like what you are doing with these.

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