Rift, Section 1

Left: Unnamed demonstrator in Tunis. ‘Anger is growing over the legal process against those responsible for killings in 2011’. Photo by Youssef Boudla/Reuters. Cut from the Guardian, 25.1.18. Article by Emma Graham-Harrison.

Centre: Ariana Grande. The Manchester Arena attack was one year ago this week. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 9.3.18. Photographer uncredited.

Right: Unnamed supporter of Goodluck Jonathan. ‘Cambridge Analytica staff, paid to influence the 2015 election, say stolen data on the then president’s main rival was given to their campaign.’ Cut from the Guardian, 22.3.18. Article by Carole Cadwalladr. Photo by Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters.

Background: Quadruple Rift by Richard Serra, 2017. Cut from an article in this magazine. Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn, text by Neil Cox.

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