Rift, Section 3

From left to right:

Unnamed protester cut from an article by Mark Wallace. Getty Images. The i newspaper, 24.4.18.

Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani student who joined Santa Fe High School on a foreign exchange scholarship. Her body was flown back to Pakistan on 23rd May, 2018. Cut from the Times, 21.5.18. Article by Will Pavia. Family photograph.

Queen Elizabeth II. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 20.3.18. Photographer uncredited.

Danielle Henry as Annie Kenney in Votes For Women at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme. The play was written by Elizabeth Robins, an American actor/writer who moved to England to restart her life after the death of her husband in 1888. It was adapted and directed by Theresa Heskins. Cut from a review by Natalie Haynes in the Guardian, 14.3.18. The photo is either by Andrew Billington, Jamie Orchard Lisle or Jon Rowley. Difficult to tell.

The images have been hand-stitched to an article from this magazine.

Click on the link to see details and credits for each section: One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

Or see a video of the finished piece, here.

© Alison Sye, 2018. All images of my work are my copyright, and as such will never be reproduced in hard-print format (it goes completely against the grain of my work, I don’t add new stuff to the world, but use what is already here), or in digital format without permission. Credit must always be given to myself and the photographers involved.

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