Two Little Boys

Tea-towel hand-stitched collage, made from discarded newspapers and books, and my nana’s old thread.

46cms x 61cms.

All of my work is individually numbered, this is 852.

It is a one-off piece, never to be reproduced in print form. This would go against my grain. I don’t add stuff to the world, but use what is already here.

Strictly not to be reproduced online without giving credit to the people below.


Boy 1:

Prince George on his first day at school. Photograph by Richard Pohle. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 7.9.17.

With the legs and right arm of his great grandmother, then Princess Elizabeth, with her dog, Jane. Studio Lisa, 1936. Studio Lisa was founded by Jimmie and Lisa Sheridan, grandparents of Jenny Hanley, Magpie presenter.

His left arm belongs to his father, Prince William, cut from a book (Faces Of The Century, NPG 1999) which I took from a bin. It was part of a painting by Nicky Philipps, 2009.

The cat, at his feet, was part of a knackered book (The Nicholas Thomas Story Book by Kitty Styles, illustrations by Mary Kendal Lee, 1948).

His hat belonged to King Henry VIII, c1520. Unknown artist. NPG. It came from the same book as his left arm.

Boy 2:

Prince Charles, grandfather of Boy 1. He is wearing his favourite ski suit, pale blue with a pattern of dancing sailors and battleships. 1950. Photographer uncredited.

His crown was taken from his mother’s coronation portrait by Cecil Beaton, 1953 (same bin-book as Boy 1’s left arm).

The collection tin was also his mother’s. She held it when she was a princess, outside Worthing Town Hall in 1951, a year after the photo of Charles was taken. Photographer uncredited. His shoulder jewellery was taken from the same portrait as Boy 1’s hat.

He is standing on the Whitechapel Fatberg. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 14.9.17. Thank you to Sam Fishwick for telling me the photographer is Mark Writtle and the red-gloved hand belongs to Ronnie Floodwater.

Brexit F

Rodney Bewes and James Bolam, as Bob Ferris and Terry Collier in Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads. Taken from an abandoned Metro, 23.11.17.

Written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, BBC, 1973/74. REX Photographs.

Brexit F, cut from a cartoon by Christian Adams. London Evening Standard, 27.11.17.

Background, embroidered linen hanging print. English c1750. V&A Museum.

Hand-stitched using my nana’s thread.

27 x 20cms.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 859.

It is a one-off piece, never to be reproduced in print form. If reproduced online, credit must be given to the above people.


Nice One

Hand-stitched collage made from discarded newspapers.

31cms x 24.5cms.

Cyrille Regis, died 14th January, 2018. A proper hero. Would’ve been 60 today. Photograph (Rex Features) cut from the London Evening Standard (15.1.18).

Michael Bond, died 27th June, 2017. Thank you for the words you chose, the ones you didn’t, and the perfect order in which they were placed. Image cut from the London Evening Standard (14.12.17). Still from Paddington 2. Cinematographer: Erik Wilson.

Peter Wyngarde, died 15th January, 2018. Actor. Always. Image cut from the Guardian (19.1.18). ITV/Rex/Shutterstock.

They have been stitched (using my nana’s thread, as always) to a print of Sea-Monsters And Vessels At Sunset by Turner (1845, Tate). Watercolour with touches of chalk on paper.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 862. It is a one-off, never to be reproduced.

MES And Bella

Mark E. Smith and Bella Emberg, both of whom died in January this year.

Hand-stitched collage made from found newspapers.

The photograph of MES, taken by Kevin Cummins in Salford (2011), was cut from the Guardian (25.1.18). He is wearing a Myanmar Border Guard’s hat, cut from the same newspaper (photograph by Lynn Bo Bo), which has been bejazzled with the rare sapphire from Eugenie’s engagement ring (Metro 23.1.18, photographer uncredited).

The background is a print of a watercolour sketch of Zurich by Turner (Tate). Ruskin said it wasn’t very good.

I used my nana’s thread, as usual.

All of my work is individually numbered, this piece is 861. It is a one-off, never to be reproduced.

Mostly Uninvited 858, 859, 860, 861, 862, 863 and 864

Above: Hannah Pool by Michael Leckie. Taken from a British Library leaflet (2015), as are all the portraits in this post.

David Starkey. Photographer uncredited.

Unnamed woman. Photograph by Benjamin Elwyn.

Ben Okri. I think the photographer might be Benjamin Elwyn, currently trying to find out.

Mostly Uninvited 847, 848, 849, 850, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 856 and 857

Mr Cavale (above). Photograph by Abbie Trayler-Smith. Cut from a magazine I took from a pile in a hospital waiting room. It was produced by King’s College Hospital (scroll to end).

The fully sewn blanket can be seen on this video. It lasts five minutes.

Bob Kerslake. Recently quit as Chair of King’s College Hospital in protest over underfunding of the NHS. Photographer uncredited. I contacted Bob and he told me he did not know the name of the photographer.

Selina Jarvis, research and audit nurse. Winner of the Mary Seacole Research Award. Photographer uncredited.

Top to bottom: Jason Dodd, Katy Child, Dr Best. Photographer uncredited.

Unnamed. Photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith.

Mr Cavale. Photo by Abbie Trayler Smith.

Maria Fitzpatrick, Dr Robert Weeks and Charlotte Clowes Cattrell