October 2014 24



Sunday, 26th October

This is in relation to an exhibition I saw today at The National Portrait Gallery.

The exhibition is called ‘Favourites’, and it is a small collection of portraits of knights of The Order Of The Garter.

Here is a quote from the blurb:

‘Throughout British history, the reigning monarch has operated a system of favouritism by which loyalty, support and achievement have been rewarded with privileges, titles and membership of exclusive groups’.

And so it goes on…

October 2014 23


Saturday, 11th October

The Queen featured on the front of most newspapers today. She was pictured standing in the moat at The Tower Of London, amidst a sea of red poppies.

It is the magnificent art installation, ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper.

On the 11th November the moat will be filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies, one for each British fatality during The First World War.

The poppies are for sale (when I last checked, they were all sold), and the money raised will be shared equally amongst six service charities.

I took my children to see it. It is extremely moving, and none of the photographs you have seen do it justice.

October 2014 21


Thursday, 30th October

I was reading in The Guardian (article by Ben Quinn) today, that Michael Payne had been found dead at his home in Kent. He was forty-five years old.

Fourteen years ago, Michael’s daughter, Sarah (aged 8), was abducted and murdered.

Unsurprisingly, he has struggled with depression and alcoholism ever since.

Charlotte Payne said her dad had been heartbroken.

October 2014 20


Sunday, 19th October

Lynda Bellingham died today.

The strength with which she confronted her cancer was amazing.

I am not belittling her as an actor when I add the Oxo logo to my napkin, I have nothing but fond memories for those adverts, they were a part of my childhood.

The letters came from an Oxo box, which simply came from my own kitchen cupboard. Never has an addition to my napkin been so easy.



October 2014 19


Tuesday, 23rd October

Jarvis Cocker was in the ‘celebrity’ audience at the Peel Lecture, given by Iggy Pop. I watched it on the iPlayer yesterday.

The look of utter joy on Jarvis’ face, in a world of fake smiles, was almost as enjoyable as Iggy’s talk. Which is saying something, because Iggy was brilliant.


October 2014 18


Tuesday, 21st October

On my way home from work, I do this thing, whereby I get on the train at the back and walk to the front picking up discarded newspapers.

Evening Standard and Metro, usually, but today The Birmingham Mail.

Turns out Birmingham has the worst rate of vitamin D deficiency in the UK. According to health experts, this is caused by children sitting indoors and missing daylight.

The ‘D’ comes, once again, from Julia’s colouring book.