Scotch Eggs

Five days of looking through a few thousand magazines, has resulted in me finding the scotch egg I knew was there somewhere.

I thought it was smaller, though. And a bit more eyes-like.

The photographer isn’t credited, so a new, hopefully easier, search will begin.

I have tweeted Heston.

Time Out London, December 22nd 2015 – January 4th 2016 (2360).

Basquiat With Regency Crown

A couple of weeks ago I arrived at work to be told I wasn’t supposed to be there.

My response was to dash to the Barbican and see the Basquiat exhibition.

God, it was good. Although, I would not recommend going dressed as a gallery assistant.

The Jean-Michel (dancing at the Mudd Club, 1979), above, was taken from a leaflet acquired at the scene. Photograph by Nicholas Taylor and Dead Human Design.

His crown comes from a National Theatre leaflet advertising a new play by Rory Mullarkey entitled Saint George And The Dragon. Mr. S and I went to see it on a rare trip out together. The leaflet shows a photograph, by David Stewart, of actor John Hefferman sitting with a fry-up in the Recency Cafe . Don’t even think about sitting down before your food is ordered. You’ve been warned. The crown is cut from the curtains.

I hand-stitched Jean, and his crown, to this flimsy-as-hell paper.

All of my work is numbered. This piece is 854.