The Birth Of Britain

A History Of The English Speaking Peoples by Winston S. Churchill

Volume 1: The Birth Of Britain

Cassell and Company Limited, 37/38 St. Andrew’s Hill, Queen Victoria Street, London EC4.

Published in 1956.

Bought in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, and then placed in the freezer.

A Concise History Of Modern Painting

A Concise History Of Modern Painting by Herbert Read.

Thames And Hudson, 30 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1. Sixth impression, 1964.

First published 1959.

Printed in Great Britain by Jarrold and Sons Ltd, Norwich.

485 plates, 100 in colour.

Lambeth Public Libraries. M1465. L793424.

Book jacket: Book Protectors & Co,  8 The Broadway, Woodford Green, Essex. UK patent 1101252