Raspberry Jam Bakes

Marks And Spencer Raspberry Jam Bakes box.

Found on Cameron Road, Bromley (29th October, 2017).

It was early, and I was walking to the train station, on my way to work.

The box was soggy as hell, but that colour…

My mother refers to it as ‘shocking pink’, which I’d never thought about until now.

Moore’s Modern Methods

I bought this in a charity shop about four years ago. I was going to use it as an address book, but it’s still empty. The paper is thin and fragile, and the clever metal mechanism is a bit rusty.

Made by Moore’s Modern Methods, 19-21 Farringdon Street, London EC4.

The company was established in 1909 and is still trading, as Moores Of London, except it isn’t in London anymore. That’s all I could find out online. I’ve emailed and tweeted them to see what they know about the early days. More to follow, hopefully.

Waverley Envelopes


Found these in a Bromley charity shop recently. Very pleased.

They were made by Waverley, in Scotland, and have the serial number 4656.

Spent an evening searching online, but found zero information regarding a manufacture date. My guess would be late seventies or early eighties.