Barcelona Patchwork

Made from stuff I collected while on holiday with my family a few years back, and mounted onto a Thomas Lawrence poster (found in the bin at work), below.

For sale in my Folksy shop.

You can find out about the papers used for each section, here:    Section 1.     Section 2.

Section 3.      Section 4.     Section 5.     Section 6.     Section 7.     Section 8.     Section 9.

London Exhibitions Patchwork

The squares are cut from leaflets for exhibitions I have visited. For sale in my Folksy shop.

Credits in links:  Discus ThrowerTom,   Marlene Dumas,   Toby,   Eric Huntley,   Sonia Delaunay,   Kurt Schwitters,   Alberto Giacometti,   Egon Schiele,   John Singer Sargent,   Allen Jones,   Laura Knight,   Indigenous Australia,   Alexander McQueen,   Gustav Klimt,   Ai Weiwei


Mothers Patchwork

The credits for each square are below:

Mother 1 : Herodias, maybe.      Mother 2: Marlene Dietrich       Mother 3: Madonna

Mother 4: Olga Picasso        Mother 5: Judy Garland         Mother 6: Esther Williams

Mother 7: Twiggy         Mother 8: Princess Margaret      Mother 9: Sarah Forbes Bonetta

Mother 10: Naomi James      Mother 11: Barbra Streisand     Mother 12: Artemisia Gentileschi

Mother 13: Pregnant Woman        Mother 14: Mary Beale       Mother 15: Pam’s Mummy

Mother 16: Joan Maude


Dads Patchwork

AlisonSye798Mostly made from knackered old books which were beyond reading, but I used some postcards, a diary and some museum/theatre leaflets, too.

1.Postman Pat    2.Richard Beckinsale    3.Emigrants    4.Paul Klee    5.Henri Matisse

6.GWR Poster     7.Prince Charles    8.Clark Gable    9.Humphrey Bogart    10.Damien Hirst

11.Ai Weiwei   12. Pepito’s Father   13.Joseph   14. Peter Blake   15.Stewart Lee   16.John Lennon



Men’s Stuff Patchwork


Made from knackered old books, magazines, postcards and junk mail.

Square 1: Caravans, Square 2: City Gent, Square 3: Silverstone, Square 4: Firefighter, Square 5: Virile John Wayne, Square 6: Astronaut, Square 7: Baldness, Square 8: Fry-Up, Square 9: A Pint, Square 10: Cricket, Square 11: Building Stuff, Square 12: Manly Watches, Square 13: DIY, Square 14: Boats, Square 15: The Tie, Square 16: Pretty Frocks.

London Pairs Patchwork


Hand-stitched from discarded papers, found around London.

The squares are pairs of people, or in some cases, trios.

Credits in the links below:

*1. Celia Johnson     2. Piccadilly Circus     3. Virginia Woolf      4. Trevor Howard

5. Audrey Hepburn and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.    6.Roger Fenton    7. La Dolce Vita

8. Polly and Dolly    9. Mick and Ronnie    10. Common Blue    11. Paddington Station, 1937

12. The Blitz    13. Tove Jansson    14. Mr. and Mrs. Clark, and Blanche    15. Le Corsaire

16. James Stewart and Kim Novak


London Faces Patchwork


Some London faces, stitched from discarded materials.

Some of the squares have been cut from old library books. Retired, after years of loyal service, and in rather a sorry state. I never cut up books which could otherwise be read.

16.2.16: I said goodbye to my patchwork yesterday morning. It has just arrived at its new home in Newcastle. It will hang in the hallway, overseeing the comings and goings of two beautiful little girls, getting taller and taller and taller, as they come home and go out, and come home and go out, and come home and go out.

Credits for each square:

  1. Charlie Chaplin
  2. Paul Weller and Martyn Goddard
  3. Laura Knight and Ethel Bartlett
  4. War Worker
  5. Unknown
  6. Giraffe
  7. Alfred Hitchcock
  8. Sleeping Child
  9. William Shakespeare
  10. Singers
  11. Mick Jagger and David Bailey
  12. Sherlock Holmes
  13. Elizabeth 1
  14. Boat Race Rowers
  15. Virginia Woolf
  16. Kate Moss and Allen Jones
  17. Noel Coward
  18. Turner
  19. Blitz Shelterers
  20. Phil Veacock and Chris Tostevin-Hall 
  21. John Keats and Charles Brown
  22. Bus Boy
  23. Duke of Wellington
  24. Marcel George
  25. The Last Tram