The Kindness Of Trudi

A few weeks ago, completely out of the blue and unexpected, these two Sylko threads arrived in the post.

They are perfect, especially the white one, with its very-hard-to-tangle-me waxiness.

I had previously shown a reel of my ancient, and favourite, lilac Sylko on Instagram. Trudi, the poster of said threads, and a fellow Folksy seller, commented on its beauty. I responded by telling her how sad (and possibly deceased) I would be when it finally comes to an end, prompting her to search her mother’s old sewing box for something similar.

This, by the way, is typical of Trudi Murray. I have never met her in person, but she is kind and compassionate. Not just because of this thread thing, but in the way she conducts herself on the social media. With dignity.

Trudi’s mother died way too early.

The ‘grubby’ top layer of the white thread is the most precious bit.

I have already started to use it on some pieces I am making to sell for the Grenfell Fund.

Thank you Missus xx

Evening Standard and Metro, Friday 16th June, 2017

Picked up these newspapers on the train, to and from work, on 16th June, 2017.

I am going to use them to make some artwork, the proceeds (if any) of which will go to a Grenfell fund.


Some Old Men


I have made a few cards from vintage knitting patterns.

You can see the documents below, so you know what they looked like before I cut them up.

The no-longer-available Sylko thread is beautiful, giving the smoothest stitching experience I have ever had. Fact not euphemism.

Printed around 1965, is my guess, since the prices are ‘old money’.

I have paired them up with those Waverly envelopes.

All of my work is individually numbered. The camera guy is 822, the older man is 823, and, the pipe man is 824.

They may be used as Father’s Day cards, or they may not, and will start appearing in my Folksy Shop over the next few days.


I’ve done a YouTube video, it’s not very good…

Me to the HouseElves, “Is it free to do YouTube?”

HouseElves to each other, “Oh God!”

Yep, this is my fifth attempt. The others wouldn’t upload. Apparently, I need a more streamable file format. If I knew what that meant I would do it, obviously. Also, the video is phone shaped. And tiny. Two black stripes down the side. Big ones. The black stripes are bigger than the video. Don’t expect much. It lasts ten minutes. Room for improvement…