Pearl Mackie’s Eye


This eye belongs to Pearl Mackie, actor. I cut it from Time Out London (April 11-17, 2017. No. 2425), which I found on a train.

The photographer is Andy Parsons, who is a lovely bloke.

You can see the other thirty-one eyes, here, if you like.


F. Stocks May

Mr and Mrs Smiles of Blackberry Farm.

Mr and Mrs Smiles of Blackberry Farm.

I have been making cards for years, and have had many incarnations. Now and again I have a clear out (ie. I get the shoe boxes from under the bed), and this is one of those times.

During the next couple of weeks I am going to put some of these old cards into the SALE section of my shop, as they contain my old name and contact details.

The  two cards here are made from a copy of Emily The Goat, which I found on a skip in Brixton around 1993. I actually climbed into the skip to get them, oh yes. There were about seven books in the litter, all covered in cement and a tad stinky. The others are probably in my attic now, who knows?

Blackberry Farm is a series of children’s books written by Jane Pilgrim and beautifully illustrated by F. Stocks May. The farm is a fictitious place, on the outskirts of an unnamed British village. It is owned by Mr (check out the cravat) and Mrs Smiles, and their children Joy and Bob. The animals have the ability to speak and understand English. There are twenty-five books in the series, this one being the first. It was published in 1949, but this edition was printed in the 1980s by Hodder and Stoughton.

I’m afraid I didn’t write down many publishing details, I hadn’t yet evolved into the extreme-note-making nerd I am today.

And talking of my nerdiness, I can actually identify the cereal maker by just feeling the box. Let me tell you, these cards are made using Nestle, the most superior of all the card.

I will sign off now, before I fall even further from grace…

Have a great weekend,

Alison x

Joy, Bob and Emily The Goat.

Joy, Bob and Emily The Goat.