Fake News Is Killing Minds, Almost Done

24 squares sewn. Only 4 left to do. Feels good.

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Storm Doris Is Coming And Fake News Is Killing Minds, 4

Below are days 13 to 16 of my February ‘news’ work, which I have explained in more detail here.

And yep, I’ve just noticed that 14 and 15 are pretty much the same thing. I’m undecided as to how I’m going to remedy this. Or not.

The first 4 days can be seen here, days 5 to 8 here, and days 9 to 12 here.

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Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler by Pablo Picasso, 1910. Art Institute of Chicago, gift of Mrs Gilbert W. Chapman in memory of Charles B. Goodspeed. Taken from ‘What’s On’ (Sept-Nov 2016) NPG, London.


What’s Happening at.. St Martin-in-the-Fields, Sept-Dec 2016.

Flock of Sheep Approaching Through A Blizzard of Snow by Joseph Farquharson.
Taken from ‘What’s On’ March-Oct 2016. Royal Collection Trust.


Taken from ‘What’s On’ at the Wellcome Collection, Sept-Nov 2016.
Bedlam: The Asylum And Beyond


Flaming June by Frederic Leighton, 1895. Museo de Arte de Ponce. The Luis A. Ferré Foundation, Inc. (detail).
Leighton House Museum leaflet.

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