Some Old Men


I have made a few cards from vintage knitting patterns.

You can see the documents below, so you know what they looked like before I cut them up.

The no-longer-available Sylko thread is beautiful, giving the smoothest stitching experience I have ever had. Fact not euphemism.

Printed around 1965, is my guess, since the prices are ‘old money’.

I have paired them up with those Waverly envelopes.

All of my work is individually numbered. The camera guy is 822, the older man is 823, and, the pipe man is 824.

They may be used as Father’s Day cards, or they may not, and will start appearing in my Folksy Shop over the next few days.


13. Patchwork Dads – Joseph


Joseph, father of Jesus, by Kees de Kort.

This is the thirteenth square in my patchwork of dads. It is made from discarded books, magazines, postcards and junk mail. It is made from the actual papers, I have not printed or copied anything. There are sixteen squares in total.

You can see the whole piece here, or follow my progress on Instagram.

Taken from ‘Jesus Is Born’, a retired library book. Published by The British And Foreign Bible Society, 1975. Printed by John Blackburn Ltd.,Old Run House, Hunslet, Leeds.


Fake News Is Killing Minds

If you are new to this project, you can find an explanation here.

11 squares are now sewn, 17 still to do.

I decided to sew the patches to an old sketchbook cover. It was a mistake, and I won’t be doing the second piece in this way. My tough-skinned finger has bled a few times. However, I am reasonably pleased with the result, so will continue.

You can read the news items relating to each February day at the end of this post.

7. Aldi overtakes Co-Op        8. Obama relaxes in the Caribbean

9. Whatever happened to the It Girl?    13.Facelifts losing their lustre

14. Dubai announces drone taxis      15. Tyrant Kim’s playboy brother murdered

16. George Cohen will donate brain     19. US patrols South China Sea

20. 100,000 people starving in South Sudan   21. New Zealand gnome thefts fund meth trade


Storm Doris Is Coming And Fake News Is Killing Minds, 8

Below are links to the news items relating to each of my squares.

(Explanation regarding the above sentence).

Feb 1: Zelda the ferret has pacemaker fitted.     Thatcher inequality.

Feb 2: Blue Peter capsule dug up by mistake.      Brexit begins.

Feb 3: Vegetable rationing at supermarkets.      Gorillas and mobile phones.

Feb 4: Black Sabbath bow out.       Louvre attack.

Feb 5: Trump is going to give Queen saddle.       UK defences.

Feb 6: Grapes can help beat dementia.       Health tourists crackdown.

Feb 7: Aldi overtakes Co-Op.      Assad hangings.

Feb 8: Obama relaxes in Caribbean.      No more child migrants.

Feb 9: It Girl.       Russian friendly fire.

Feb 10: Arsenic in rice?      Public cash for fake news.

Feb 11: Fake News is killing minds.     4k-a-day locums.

Feb 12: David Davis is not blind.    North Korean ballistic missiles.

Feb 13: Facelifts.     Racism is alive and well in America

Feb 14: Drone taxis.

Feb 15: Tyrant Kim’s playboy brother.

Feb 16: George Cohen’s brain.       Gay marriage and church.

Feb 17: Cigarettes and alcohol.       Pakistan’s bloody week.

Feb 18: Nurdles.        Bombogenisis.

Feb 19: US patrols.        Russian plot.

Feb 20: 100,000 people starving.

Feb 21: Gnome thefts fund meth trade.     Lord’s taxi.

Feb 22: Trinny boob flash.      Storm Doris

Feb 23: Marmalade.       Scotland Yard appoints Dick.

Feb 24: Storm Doris.       Flood Alert.

Feb 25: Blob in Ukraine parliament.        Toxic air and schools.

Feb 26: Witches cast spell.       Taliban chief urges tree planting.

Feb 27: Olga Korbutt.        Moonlight mix-up.

Feb 28: Moon trip.       Hollande speech shooting.

Extra Days:

Jan 31st, 2017:   Fires In Chile,   Chimp Trafficking

March 1st, 2017:   Sir Philip Greed,   Soft Power Hourglass

15. Patchwork Of Mothers – Pam’s Mummy

I don’t know the name of Mother 15, on my Patchwork Of Mothers, except that she is Pam’s mum from the 1988 Little Star annual. Nor, sadly, can I find the name of the illustrator.

All I know about Pam’s mum is, she likes birds, like Snow White.

If you have not been following this series, I should tell you that the legs above Pam’s mummy belong to Barbra Streisand.

I can only find this page from the book (see below), although the rest is probably somewhere in the house. It will be found by the HouseElves when I’m dead, no doubt.

You can see the whole piece here, or follow my progress on Instagram.