La Hollandaise

Hand-stitched collage made from found papers, and my nana’s thread.

13 x 18cms.

La Hollandaise, Pablo Picasso, 1905. Taken from this book.

The pussy-grabbing hand belongs to Donald Trump. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 19.12.17. Photographer unknown.

The hat was cut from a photograph of Zadie Smith taken by Murdo Macleod. The Guardian, 18.1.18.

The bra was cut from Time Out London. Made by This Is Not A Love Song. Photographer unknown.

The bubble gum was cut from a photograph by Holly Andres in Time Out London. Tune-Yards.

The Earrings were taken from a photograph of Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray. London Evening Standard.

© Alison Sye, 2018. All images of my work are my copyright, and as such will never be reproduced in hard-print format (it goes completely against the grain of my work, I don’t add new stuff to the world, but use what is already here), or in digital format without permission. Credit must always be given to myself and the photographers involved.