May 2014 Diary

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Bald, Beg, Class      Mute, Strike      Brewhaha, Do-Da       Godzilla, Beans On Toast, Thrive           Nice Wee Corner   Fly Fishing By J.R. Hartley    Lavvy Paper, Puppets, Nothing    Abducted, Knighthood       The Devil’s Egg       Clown       Jesus       In The Box, John Cleese         Wild               No Flowers Please      Make-Up    Verrucas    Democrats    Elena    Plebgate, Disciples in Boat    Crazy Horse     Phone Instructions    Souffle    Maisy Mouse    London Bells     Everything Else

There are four napkins for 2014. June , October and November.

All of my work is numbered, this is piece 511.

May 2014 24

Artistic Licence being exercised in full here. Utter indulgence on my part. These words mean nothing, except they are mildly amusing. The colours and shapes were perfect to fill the gaps.

The above words were taken from Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Collection, published in 2007 by Spy Publishing.

The words and car below are not used in a frivolous way, and I always intended to fit them somewhere. They are taken from  Things We Like by W. Murray, illustrated by Martin Aitchison, and published by Ladybird in the Eighties.

You can see the finished piece, here.



May 2014 23


You can see the finished piece, here.

31st May

This is Maisy Mouse. She has been a big part of my children’s lives, as they loved the books, by Lucy Cousins, when they were younger.

My son, now fourteen, was given a little Maisy toy (she was attached to the book) by my friend Julie, when he was born. He carried her everywhere with him.

I wanted to add her because it is the last day of my napkin and she is waving at us. Also, she is standing above the May which is a bit like Maisy.


May 2014 22


You can see the finished piece, here.

I added this picture of a raspberry soufflé because I like the way it looks, and it fits perfectly.

I have never made, or eaten, a souffle in my life.

The picture comes from Weight Watchers – A Way Of Life. It was published in 1975 by Hamlyn. The photograph was taken by John Lee.

May 2014 21


I added this picture from a friend’s old maths book because it made me smile.

I said to her, “I’ve added a bit from the answer page of your maths book to my napkin.”

“There was an answer page?”

Modern Mathematics For Schools by James Murray. Published by Blackie in 1972.

You can see the finished piece, here.

May 2014 20

24th May

“My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes too” Henry Standing Bear.

Ruth Ziolkowski died today at the age of 87.

I had never heard of her, but now I’ll never forget her.

I urge you to read this obituary, right to the end.

You can see the finished piece, here.

May 2014 19


21st May

Plebgate. There was a Plebgate timeline in the papers today. How could I resist?

Maybe Andrew Mitchell called some police officers plebs, maybe he didn’t.

I’ve also added a boat with Disciples. It gives Jesus some allies, and they fit nicely into that space.

You can see the finished piece, here.