Tête De Femme

Hand-stitched collage made from found papers, and my nana’s thread.

13 x 18cms.

Tête De Femme, Pablo Picasso, 1946. Taken from this book.

The femme in question is Françoise Gilot.

The lips and eyes belong to Frida Kahlo. Cut from the London Evening Standard. Photo by Nickolas Muray.

All of my work is individually numbered. This piece is 878.

© Alison Sye, 2018. All images of my work are my copyright, and as such will never be reproduced in hard-print format (it goes completely against the grain of my work, I don’t add new stuff to the world, but use what is already here), or in digital format without permission. Credit must always be given to myself and the photographers involved.