October 2014 29


Wednesday, 29th October

My daughter’s tooth came out today. She now has three baby teeth left. She turns twelve in November.

She said “Do you think the tooth fairy gives money to people who don’t believe?”

“Probably not,” I say.

She smiles and starts to write her letter.

Every time a tooth falls out, she writes a letter to the tooth fairy. What is your name? What do you do with my teeth? How big are you? That sort of thing. Her dad always replies with the most ridiculous answers. When I finally get this house sorted out, and I find everything, I will add these letters to this post.

My son had a full set of adult teeth at the age of nine. The dentist said this is highly irregular. He was pretty hairy and his voice had broken before he left primary school, and he is an August baby, so the youngest in the year.

When he was about six, he found an envelope with his name on it. It was foolishly on top of his ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ videos. He opened it, because, “It was addressed to me.” Inside was a tooth he had recently lost. So he knew at an early age about the Tooth Fairy, and successfully kept his promise not to spoil it for others.

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