Rift, Section 4

This is the fourth section of Rift, a hand-stitched collage made from discarded newspapers and this magazine.

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From left to right:

Unnamed person at the Grenfell memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Cut from an article by Nicholas Cecil and John Dunne, in the London Evening Standard, 14.12.17. The photographer is possibly Jeremy Selwyn.

Theresa May at the Maidenhead Easter Charity Run. Cut from the Guardian, 31.3.18. Photograph by Mark Kerrison/Alamy.


Rift, Section 3

You can see Section 1, here, and Section 2, here.

From left to right:

Unnamed protester cut from an article by Mark Wallace. Getty Images. The i newspaper, 24.4.18.

Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani student who joined Santa Fe High School on a foreign exchange scholarship. Her body was flown back to Pakistan on 23rd May, 2018. Cut from the Times, 21.5.18. Article by Will Pavia. Family photograph.

Queen Elizabeth II. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 20.3.18. Photographer uncredited.

Danielle Henry as Annie Kenney in Votes For Women at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme. The play was written by Elizabeth Robins, an American actor/writer who moved to England to restart her life after the death of her husband in 1888. It was adapted and directed by Theresa Heskins. Cut from a review by Natalie Haynes in the Guardian, 14.3.18. The photo is either by Andrew Billington, Jamie Orchard Lisle or Jon Rowley. Difficult to tell.

The images have been hand-stitched to an article from this magazine.

Rift, Section 2

From left to right:

Unnamed demonstrator at a march for more liberal abortion rights across Ireland. Dublin. Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/ Reuters. Cut from the Guardian, 6.3.18. Article by Harriet Sherwood.

Deborah Harry. Cut from the Observer 17.9.17. Getty Images.

Unnamed protester, against the misuse of data by Facebook, outside Portcullis House, London. Cut from the Guardian, 27.4.18. Article by Jim Waterson. Photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA.

Explanations for the next three people can be found, here. (And also information on the Richard Serra article).

Background: Quadruple Rift by Richard Serra, 2017. Cut from an article in this magazine. Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn, text by Neil Cox.

Rift, Section 1

Left: Unnamed demonstrator in Tunis. ‘Anger is growing over the legal process against those responsible for killings in 2011’. Photo by Youssef Boudla/Reuters.┬áCut from the Guardian, 25.1.18. Article by Emma Graham-Harrison.

Centre: Ariana Grande. The Manchester Arena attack was one year ago this week. Cut from the London Evening Standard, 9.3.18. Photographer uncredited.

Right: Unnamed supporter of Goodluck Jonathan. ‘Cambridge Analytica staff, paid to influence the 2015 election, say stolen data on the then president’s main rival was given to their campaign.’ Cut from the Guardian, 22.3.18. Article by Carole Cadwalladr. Photo by Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters.

Background: Quadruple Rift by Richard Serra, 2017. Cut from an article in this magazine. Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn, text by Neil Cox.